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Student travel tricks for dummies

Posted by Interstude Stories

In college my friend and I decided to travel across USA during one month. Both of us were civil engineering students at Polytechnique Montreal, and the idea was to have a good summer break from all the formulas and equations we injected in our brain to pass our finals exams hahah !!! We were students with low budget but we were so motivated that nothing would have discouraged us, so we started planning the cheapest trip ever by using all the low-cost tricks and techniques we knew.


For traveling, we bought a Discovery Pass which allowed us to take any greyhound buses almost anywhere in USA, anytime during one month. So we used the pass to travel from Vancouver to, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington, New York and Montreal. It was the absolute freedom, the best deal ever !!! But I’m so sad that it doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe it’s our fault because we used it too much, just imagine a buffet of buses, I’m sure you would have done the same !

For sleeping, we tried our best to travel by night so we could sleep in the bus or bus station. And when we were tired of sleep sitting, we booked hostel to enjoy the comfort of bed. I still remember my happiness while sleeping in a real bed in Miami after 3 day non-stop in buses from Las Vegas (the longest trip ever !!!).
For eating, the simplest solution was obviously fast food because it was affordable and almost anywhere. Subway was the less bad of them because at least I could choose what I put in my sandwich (I think I had my 5 vegetables a day in my sandwich hahah).

So now you know all the basics for LIFE : TRAVEL, SLEEP and EAT.

Please check the VIDEO I made during the trip (inspired by an advertising) :

This article was submitted by Stephane Mong.



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