Ice Fishing in the Nature – A unique Canadian Experience

03 February 2018

1 day

30.49$ taxes incl.

Coming Soon

– School bus transportation to Saint Anne de Perade
– Wild winter Party
– Entrance on the site and your own fishing equipements
– Heated cabin and wood for it
The Interstude’s Way

Since the beginning of time, fishermen have faced wind and snow to bring food to their table. You won’t do that, but you will have a great time, and learn a lot, while Ice Fishing the Interstude Way. So grab your beers and come fishing the Tomcod in the world capital of ice fishing!

what's included

Ice Fishing

$ 55

with taxes
  • Transportation round way (value of 40$)
  • Entrance with heated cabin and your own fishing equipment (value of 25$)
  • Total Value = 65$

The Interstude'sWAY

$ Priceless

Where Amazing Happens
  • Lifetime photo souvenirs taken by our kickass photographs
  • Animation and challenges from our Dream Team
  • Prizes for the team winner
  • Fisherman mode
  • Exchange students from all universities in Montreal

Not Included

$ Suggested

Not Mandatory
  • Your dinner (for those that are not real fisherman)
  • Your own Alcohol (You will need to warm up)

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