Californication – Lets Fulfill your deepest California Dreams

05 May 2017- 13 May 2017

9 days


In stock

  • Transportation in Charter bus from city to city
  • Bus Tour South San Francisco on day 3 (Stanford, Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz)
  • Bus Tour in Los Angeles on day 5 (Beverly hills, Hollywood)
  • Transportation roundway to the Valley of fire
  • Entrance at the Valley of fire
  • Transportation roundway to the Grand Canyon South rim
  • Entrance at the Grand Canyon
  • 2 nights at the “Regency Hotel” in San francisco (or similar)
  • 2 nights at the “the Cadillac Hotel” in Venice Beach (or similar)
  • 2 nights at Wyndham Grand Desert in Las Vegas (or similar)
  • The interstude way

Type of Trip

Road Trip

Beach Trip

Party Trip

Cultural Trip

Nature Trip

This trip needs no introduction… Let’s fulfill your deepest American Dream for 9 days straight: San Francisco, Malibu, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Diego, the Valley of fire, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Discover the destinations in videos

Expedia San Diego Travel Guide

Expedia Las Vegas Travel Guide

what's included


$ 725

Instead of 749$
  • Transportation in Charter bus from city to city (value of 150$)
  • Bus Tour South San Francisco on day 3 (Stanford, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley) (value of 100$)
  • Bus Tour in Los Angeles on day 5 (Beverly hills, Hollywood, Warner Bros Studio, Griffith Observatory) (value of 75$)
  • Round-way trip to the Valley of fire (value of 75$)
  • Round-way trip to the Grand Canyon South Rim (value of 150$)
  • 2 nights at the “Whitcomb Hotel” in San Francisco (or similar) (value of 140$)
  • 2 nights at the “Stay On Main” in Venice Beach (or similar)  (value of 130$)
  • 2 nights at “The Linq” in Las Vegas (or similar)  (value of 100$)
  • Total value = 920$

The Interstude'sWAY

$ Priceless

Where Amazing Happens
  • Animation and challenges from our Dream Team
  • Cultural custom itineraries on a beautiful Interstude booklet
  • Prizes for the team winner
  • Pre-drinks and wild night out
  • Backpacker mode, bring a pillow to sleep on the road
  • Exchange students from all universities in Montreal

Not Included

$ Suggested

Not Mandatory
  • Flight Round-way (around 450$)
  • Cable ride in San Francisco (6$)
  • Alcatraz prison tour (30$)
  • Limousine party tour in Las Vegas (25$)
  • Surfing in Mission Bay (20$)
  • Day bike rental in San Francisco (32$)

– Sales are open. Tickets start at 675$ and will go up to 699$, 725$ and then 749$.
– Sales close March 31st at 17h00 if not sold out, ONLY 50 places available.

You have to book your own flight (Average price of 450$). We are meeting in San Francisco May 5th at 15th at the hotel but you can arrive before and our trip finish in Las Vegas May 13th at midnight but you can stay more if you want. 
✖We don’t do refunds, online payments only, it is your responsibility to check if your travel insurance covers you in the United States.
✖ You’re always free to do what you want, the suggested activities are not mandatory
✖ You have to bring your passport and the documents you needed to come back to Canada (letter of acceptance or other legal papers needed), it is your responsibility to check with your embassy to see what you need to pass the border
 ESTA form 14$ (you have to do it online, maximum 72 hours before the trip)
✖ We strongly recommend you to only take a hand luggage and also take a small backpack or bag (The price of a hold baggage is 25 US $ on our way to Cali and 25 US $ back, nevertheless we really not recommend to take hold baggages.  We will be travelling from city to city during that trip and you big luggage will just be a burden in those times !) Maximum size for the hand luggage (No weight limit): –  35 cm x 23 cm x 56 cm –  21 in x 13 in x 9 in
✖ If you have any question about the trip, before sending an email check our FAQ, you’ll find all your answers.
✖ When you buy the trip you agree to the Interstude’s Terms & conditions
✖ We would like to remind you that the Dream Team are not tour guides. They’re students or interns just like you. Their role is to make sure everyone is having a fun and amazing trip.
✖ Throughout the trip, we’ll not be waiting for latecomers. It is your responsibility to be punctual at all the meeting points.