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Travel Coordinator Job Offer


This is the dream work experience in North America you were always looking for. If you’re an awesome, organized and cool extrovert person of 25 years old, based in Montreal, with 3+ years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, who strives and thrives in making things happen, this is for you!

Job Description:

You are responsible for booking travels for the company vis-a-vis trip schedules, implementing policies and procedures around travel/spending, negotiating rates with vendors/suppliers, hotels and other forms of accommodation; and planning/organizing/coordinating corporate events.


  • Set up a welcoming day for new students
  • Set up entirely each trip's itinerary, reservations, organization, negotiations, challenges, etc.
  • Create/update/improve the mobile Trip Itinerary Booklet with the Graphic Designer for each trip
  • Negotiate and book suppliers (bus & hotel) and activities (parties, visits)
  • Set up everything for the departure day (communications, itinerary, checklist, etc.)
  • Designate animators per trip based on their availabilities
  • Organize the brief for the animators before each trip
  • Train the Trip Leader in terms of travel coordination
  • Coordinate and communicate on-site management on the day of the event
  • Send out Animators Trip Feedback form after each trip
  • Collaborate with the Animation Manager for the activities and animations for the trips
  • Create new trips from scratch for upcoming expansion
  • Participate in communication operations
  • Take part in the events in order to promote the company


  • Make every trip and event a success with top-notch organization and efficient communications.

  • Build rapport and long-term partnerships with trusted suppliers and partner companies.

  • Support, motivate and inspire your teammates to grow with you.


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