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Terms & Conditions

Modified on May 5, 2017

These Terms and Conditions constitute a contractual agreement and understanding between you and Les Enterprises InterStude Inc., also referred herein as Interstude. Booking of trips once confirmed implies your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below. Please make sure that you have carefully read and understood our listed terms before proceeding with your trip reservation.

 1.    Prices

The tour package price is quoted per person and in Canadian Dollars (C$). Prices are valid on the date of publication on our website and other marketing channels and may be subject to change without prior notice. We are constantly updating the trip activity rates; however, it may also occur that the published activity rate on the website and on the brochure will be higher or lower than the actual rate on the respective travel date. Les Enterprises InterStude Inc. reserves the right to increase or decrease its published rates accordingly. Several factors that may affect such change include the increase in cost of transportation fuel, transportation taxes, amended government taxes, unannounced price increase or decrease on the lined up activities on the trip location, and discounts than may be negotiated on the actual date of activity among others. Our published rates generally include taxes but if it is not the case, you will be notified in the event description.


You will receive a confirmation of your reservation once payment is made. If you made an initial deposit, you will receive a confirmation of your outstanding balance that would need to be settled on the date specified by Interstude. The Interstude traveler must settle the payment in full. Otherwise, Les Entreprises InterStude Inc. reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the full amount of your initial deposit. You will be receiving an invoice through your email when using a VISA Debit or other credit card for booking your trip. But for any reason that your credit card company or bank refuses to make payment on the amount billed, your account will then be placed under delinquent status which will lead to the immediate termination of your reservation. With this repercussion, it is your responsibility to contact Interstude with your updated credit card information and payment arrangements if you wish to cancel the credit card you’ve used or change your credit card details. For any other payment detail changes, you may edit your details for free by logging into your account at https://interstude.com/my-account/.

3.Cancellation and Refund Policy

Les Entreprises InterStude Inc. only cancels a scheduled trip for these reasons: extreme climate condition and external factors that might endanger its participants and insufficient number of participants. For these reasons, Interstude will refund your payment in cash, if you have paid in cash, or do bank transfer if you paid via credit card. Aside from the reasons stated herein, Les Entreprises InterStude Inc. will not make a refund. In the event that Interstude will be cancelling a trip for the reasons stated above, you will receive a notification on your email for information and guidance.

4.Travel Insurance

Your reservation does not include travel or personal insurance charges. Les Enterprises InterStude Inc. strongly recommends for you to take appropriate travel and medical insurance to ensure your safety and protect your investment. We recommend Conseiller RBC Travel Insurance.

5. Travel Documents

You will be fully responsible in obtaining and in paying travel-related documents required by all relevant government authorities on your trip. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have secured the travel documents required by the place of destination, connecting country and as well as those documents to be needed upon your return to Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen, you must show proof of your citizenship through your documents such as birth certificate, passport or citizenship card. You would have to present a valid ID with picture for destinations where passports or visas won’t be required. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you must have with you a valid passport and visa for US trips. For US tours, you will be required of a passport that is at least six (6) months valid after the return date and valid visas, both Canadian and US. In crossing borders, students are required to present their respective student permits. Please make sure that the name on your identification cards matches all your other travel documents. Interstude will not be held liable for customs delay and its consequences brought about by a traveler’s personal mistakes. If in an unlikely circumstance that a traveler should leave the group from a US border, he will be fully responsible for his return fee.

6.Legal Age to Travel

Interstude travelers are 18 years old and above. Interstude generally caters its trips to students from ages 18-28. If you are a traveler who is still under 18, you will be required to seek permission from your parent or guardian and submit to us a signed written consent

 7.Other Travel Conditions

Some of the trips may involve third parties whose respective terms and conditions apply. While we carry out our best efforts to make your tour safe, convenient and pleasurable, Interstude cannot accept responsibility for circumstances beyond our control. Should anyone be refused entry to the bus or coach by the transport company or by any government authority, we cannot be held liable. If you are prevented by third parties to travel, for cases such as but not limited to undisclosed medical condition or disability, our responsibility for the booking thereupon ceases. Full cancellation charges will apply; there will neither be a compensation for the loss nor a refund.

8.Travel Delay

Interstude will not be held liable for any delay caused by accidents in the highway, border crossing too long, bus breakdown, natural calamities and other circumstances alike. It is understood that with such incident, the itinerary may change without prior notice.

9.Image Rights

Anyone participating in the company’s organized trips and events grants InterStude Enterprises Inc. the rights to their images and authorizes the use of these images in Interstude’s communication and social media channels for display and/or marketing purposes.

10.Damages during Transport and Accommodation

If an Interstude traveler has been proved to be responsible for damaging a third party’s property, the place of transport or accommodation such as the bus or hotel, Interstude will be given the rights to charge the customer through his credit card to repair the said damage/s. Interstude will in turn give the consumer the respective receipt of the cost incurred by the said repair. Please be reminded that any damages you made during the trip will be under your responsibility.

11. Alcohol

Les Enterprises InterStude Inc. does not promote alcohol consumption in its organized travels. If a traveler persists and insists on its use, it is understood that he is fully aware of its possible risks and hazards. Everyone is also expected to know the law on the consumption of alcohol. In the US, 21 is the legal age to consume alcohol. 19 is the legal age to consume alcohol in Ontario while it is 18 in Quebec. In the event that you’ll be caught by the police drinking alcohol below the age requirement, do expect that you’ll be brought into one of their police stations. Les Enterprises InterStude Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury, damage or unfortunate events that will be brought about by a traveler’s alcohol consumption.

12. Customer Responsibility

A consumer is responsible for ensuring that he is fit to travel. With this, he should be in adequate physical condition and have sufficient supply of the medication he would need during the entire trip. It is advised that you bring these medications in your hand carry bags. If you have suffered any serious medical condition recently, you should consult with your physician and ask for his consent if you are already fit to travel. We would also need to know if you have any special need or requirement, disabilities, or if you would need to bring any medical equipment on the trip. Please inform Interstude at the time of booking by writing to us at info@interstude.com. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any personal belongings. Each participant is reminded to look after himself and protect his possessions. Moreover, Les Enterprises InterStude Inc. disclaims any responsibility for any physical accidents or consequential loss during the entire trip.

13. Comments and Complaints  

In the unlikely event that you would need to forward a concern or complaint, we do have the Dream Team who can attend to your problems at destination without delay. You can directly approach a member of Interstude’s Dream Team if such problem can be reasonably remedied on the instant. However, if the problem can’t be solved or dealt with immediately, you are requested to forward your concern together with the incident’s details by writing to us at info@interstude.com.

14. Bad Client Behavior

At our discretion, we may require a person to withdraw from any tour or event if we deem that his conduct is offensive and troublesome to other Interstude travelers. Participants are also advised to return to a tour at the time stated by their respective guide. We will allow a maximum of 10 minutes for those who may be running late and will proceed to the next destination or itinerary thereafter. We are most concerned on giving everyone a pleasurable experience and we look forward to your cooperation. Les Enterprises InterStude Inc. reserves the right to modify this agreement and you agree to be bound by such changes.

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