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Interstude Trips Rules and Pre-Departure Checklist


Trips Rules

1 - You NEED to read and understand clearly our Terms & Services. It is a contract you agreed on when buying our trips. No complaints or behaviors on subject already in this contract terms will be accepted.
2 - If you have any questions about the trip you should find your answers on our FAQ
3 - Alcohol, drugs and smoking are strickly forbiden in the bus and is passive of emprisonnement if we get stop by the police.
4 - If you arrive late to any bus meeting point it's your own responsibilities to find another transportation to come meet us to the next stop.
5 - Your purchase is none refundable or exchangedable. In case of you can't attend the event you are allowed to resell your ticket. Please inform us at info@interstude.com.
6 - Always keep photos on your phone of your passport, travel insurance and Canadian immigration acceptance papers.
7 - Keep your passport on you at ALL times. Not in your luggages or either in your hotel room.
8 - Pay 6$US online for your temporarily USA VISA of 3 months if your country need it. Double check with your embassy. Buy it here:  https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home


Pre-Departure Check-in

Here's a check list reminder for you to prepare your trip:
1 - Download the trip Mobile Booklet of the trip on your phone. You can fin it on each trip page of our website.
2 - Double check you have photos on your phone of your Interstude Invoice (your ticket), passport, travel insurance and Canadian immigration acceptance papers.
3 - Bring your passport on you
4 - Add yourself to the Messenger Convo of the trip. Here's all the convo of the Winter 2018 Semester. 
5 - 24 hours before the trip make your luggage and double check your google map itinerary and schedule to the departure point at the Bus Terminal of Montreal corner Berri/Ontario Street (Metro Berri-Uqam). Look/Ask for the Interstude gate.

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