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We offer an innovative working place

8 points describing our wokrforce for every positions...

1.) Combine this work experience with another one by managing your own weekly schedule

2.) Work with all the most advance working tools (Slack, Screencastify, Zoom, Monday.com, Google Drive, Shopify, Hubstaff)

3.) Get 4% commissions on every sale referral with our tracking affiliate program

4.) Work from anywhere in the world. We are a 100% remote company.

5.) Take vacation whenever you like with a 10 days notice.

6.) Receive reward gifts from our Monthly team challenge

7.) Entrepreneurship mindset training to help you create your business on your way out of your Interstude work experience

8.) Self-Development teaching on Productivity, Spirituality and Givng Back with our 3 bibles (The One Thing, The Power of Now, The 4 hours work week)

Our values and vision

Business Values

1 - Culture is the name of the game. Help our people on self-development and build their entrepreneurship spirit.
2 - Treat customers the way you would like to be treated, high level life experience, wow service
3 - Make the most of your life satisfying the 7 dimensions of life to be fulfil
4 - Giver, charitable, servant, helpers, produce and share high valuable content
5 - Diversity allow us to have different perspective of life and therefore learn from each other
6 - The art of productivity, a lifestyle
7 - Openness, trust, doing the fierce conversation
8 - personal accountability, 100% responsible
9 - Warm welcoming family
10 - Leadership, the courage to shape a better future

3 books at the core of our company culture

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