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One trip, five senses and only one thousand cents (yes that’s 10 dollars!)

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When I go on a trip, my purpose is to move my body, mind and soul. And in order to do that, I have to mobilize my five senses. It may sound easy when I put it like that but actually it is quite complex. The thing is that I often happened to wake up three or four of them in most of my trips. Only a very few of these managed to mobilize all of my senses. And the one I made to Quebec is one of them.


It all started when Interstude’s bus dropped me and my friends off in Downtown Quebec. After only a couple of minutes wandering in the city, we landed in the magnificient street of Petit Champlain. I had never seen a street this beautiful since the day I visited Prag. Soon, my nose got delighted too thanks to the smell spread by the restaurant “Le Lapin Sauté”. Right at this moment, I knew I had to stop to get a meal there. I decided to follow my guts and ordered a poutine with rabbit meat, even though I am not a big fan of poutine. But I can assure you I dug this one so hard that I nearly dug the plate. Literally.

Once my appetite was satisfied, I went on a walk and stumbled upon the Plains of Abraham. Surprisingly, me and my friends were the only human beings walking on them at that very moment. We were able to enjoy the sound or lack thereof. This was so much relaxing that we ended up lying on the grass. It felt like sleeping on a hairy dude with a big belly but believe it or not I truly enjoyed it. Well, that’s how I realized my body, mind and soul were genuinely out of this world!

This article was submitted by Lucas Raheriarivony.



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