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La Vie from Butter Chicken to Poutine

Posted by Interstude Stories
Hello All /Bonjour a tous

I am Ranjan who covered the distance from Delhi to Montreal this summer. Before coming to Montreal, i didn’t do what usually almost all people do.I didnt check anything about Montreal. I don’t want to make stereotypes about anything related to Montreal. Instead, i wanted to experience that. One thing, i was sure of that the life is going to be change. But i realised at the moment i landed in Montreal that not only the life is changed but also that life in Montreal is going to bring the colors of contentment and sac full of memories.
First thing, i observed was surroundings where French culture is completely embedded and this animate me as i was always eager to live and experience french culture. On my way back to my Hotel, i saw some of the best views of Montreal’s edifice and the lightning of the nights just made them architectural masterpiece. I always believe that ” The tourist sees what he has come to see but A traveller sees what he sees”. It was this city that made me comprehend that if i have to live life than it has to be as a traveller not a tourist. As time went, i started busy with the university studies and made some really awesome friends. I went to local sight-seeing, house parties and public volunteering gatherings with my friends so as to know the difference between both cultural lives, one i grew up in and the other i studied my semester in. I didnt realised that i was making memories, it was as i was having fun. Then from one of my friends, i came to know about interstude.
At beginning, I was shock as how could i be unaware of such a thing. After surfing, the page popped up with the trip to Quebec City by interstude. I went through the page and seriously loved the theme and decided to not miss that opportunity.The trip started with early morning bus fun to meeting chilling travelling-mates, waterfall sights, and much more along the way to Quebec city. Reaching Quebec city was like visiting a city extraordinary. I have keen interest towards the history of any place i visit. So, after reaching there, the sight that was on the top of my list was Citadelle so as to taste the historic flavors of Quebec city.
After that, i met a beautiful Quebecoise, on my way down from citadelle who seems to be quite a fashionable doll and on our talks she advised me to visit capitole observatoire to experience what real Quebec looks like. At first  i thought, she is making alot of small, but for a sec i thought, why not give it a try. I googled the address and went there. I was totally mesmerized by the just standing infront of tallest skyscrapper of Quebec city. Ensuite, after purchasing the tickets and going to the topmost level, the 360 degree view of Quebec city was beyond the words.
Instead of telling my experience, now i will advise all to experience themselves. That moment i made my mind, how the life should be. After this inexpressible experience, i met with one of the busmate with whom i went to near-by poutine parlor. I ate that for first time and being totally different from the dishes disponible in India, i just loved that. It was not just a journey for me but instead an expedia which made me to fathom about the importance of travelling and food in life. 
To sum up at the end, the time for me in Montreal is the one that thought the major lessons of life
” Life is like a book, if you dont travel you die without reading a single page.”
” Dont make memories, have fun that automates to create longlasting memories”.
Coming from a city where Butter Chicken is prominent, having the experience of Poutine is incredible and will always love that.
This article was submitted by Ranjan Batra.


We are a crew of young people believing that Montreal is the number place in the world for international students and we are bringing Interstude to the top. #onlachepas #toujoursplus Interstude is a startup that satisfies the social life of the International Youth in Montreal (exchange students, PVTistes, interns, new international students, language school students).

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