Frequently Asked Questions

InterStude clients

Can I participate even if I’m underage?

In USA, the majority is 21. Interstude events target 18-25 people, so many activities do not involve alcohol or entry into a nightclub. You only need to know the alcohol consumption and the entry in nightclubs are forbidden to the underage people (but some nightclubs make exceptions).

Can I participate even If I'm not student ?

Of course!! Interstude is taking care of the social life of the international youth staying temporarily in Montreal but not only students.

Can I participate even If I'm alone ?

You have to! Interstude is the best way to meet other young people and share every amazing moments.

Method of payment

How to pay?

Online payment only

When to pay?

You can refer to the date of opening and closing payment on each event description

Can I get a refund?

You can’t get refund once you’ve paid for the trip.

If the trip is cancelled, how can I get refund ?

You will get refund directly on the card you paid with in 5 to 10 buisness days.

Taxes are included in the price ?

For most events and trips taxes are included in the price. If it is not the case it is notified in the event description :

Tips for driver are included in the price ?

As it is notified in the event description in the section « What is not included », tips for driver are not included in the price.

Formalities in the US

What documents are necessary to travel?

You need to have your international updated passport and your VISA (if you’re not european). If your VISA expires soon you need to bring with you your plane ticket to prove that you\’re about to leave Canada soon.

Do I need a visa to go to the US?

  • I’m european and I went to USA during the last 3 months: You DON’T need any Visa but you have to pay 6$ US at the border (by cash).
  • I’m european and I didn’t go to USA during the last 3 months: You DON’T need any Visa and you don’t need to pay customs fees.
  • I’m NOT european : You need a Visa to go to USA.

I have an ESTA do I still have to pay the 6$ Visa Exemption to cross the road border?

Yes! ESTA is only for Air boarder, the 6$ visa exemption is only for Road border.

Do I need to change money to go to the USA?

YES ! We strongly recommend you to change your money BEFORE leaving to make your trip easier and especially pay customs at the border.

What can I bring from the USA?

If we remain within 24 hours on U.S. territory: you owe NOTHING back. If we stay 24 or more: you have the right to $ 200 (alcohol and tobacco can not be claimed). If we stay 48 or more: you have the right up to $ 800, this includes alcohol and tobacco. Information on the quantities of alcohol: you have the right to 1.5 L of wine, a total of 1.14 liters of alcoholic beverages and a maximum of 8.5 liters of beer. Concerning tobacco: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams of manufactured tobacco and 200 tobacco sticks.

Trips Info

What happened if I miss the start of the trip?

You really need to be on time because everything is precisely programmed. If you loose the start you can reach us directly on the place of the event by your own way but this will unfortunately entirely in your care…

What happened if I lose my personal stuff ?

Too bad! Interstude and The Dream Team are NOT responsible for your personal stuff. They are under your own responsibility.

How to make my stay in bus pleasant and comfortable ?

We recommend you to take a pillow and snacks to make your bus trip more comfortable.

How can I be sure to win a challenge ?

To post your results of the challenge you need to have a WIFI connection on your mobile.

Can I bring my own alcohol ?

Yes you can but it is absolutely forbidden to drink in the bus. If you go to USA you need to know alcohol is cheaper than in Canada and the bus  stops at the border to go to the duty free shops (for trips of more than one day).

Are there any towels in the hotel ?

It depends on the hotel, but usually, at Interstude, we select hotel with furnished towels

How many persons per room in the hotel?

Each room is a double double bed room for 4 persons

Will Wapi be present on the Events ?

No.. Unfortunatly dogs aren\’t allowed in nightclub. Moreover, Wapi is usually sick during bus trip – It might not be such a good idea.