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Born into the world

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I never realized how big the world I was born into was until I set foot outside, and came to the glorious city of Montreal.

What would be a better way to see the world than to live in Montreal for one year? Four months have flown by, and I am both fearful of the time passing too quickly, but also have unspeakable gratitude to all the people I have had the honor of meeting. Living at a student residence has given me the chance to meet people coming from different countries, thus bringing with them different cultures that I got the chance to learn about, yet we all share the same desire to live life to the fullest.


We’ve had so many unforgettable experiences ranging from being early birds, waking up before dawn to see the sunrise atop Mont-Royal, to fearless hikers of the majestic Mont-Tremblant; and nights on the dance floor at the infamous café campus or Le Cinq, and not to forget the extraordinary road trips to Toronto and Niagara.

Blurry or intact depending on the level of sobriety, these memories will remain solid in the pictures we have taken. These pictures will bring us warmth and comfort when we grow older and leave behind these carefree student days.

Whatever life throws at us, it’s important to embrace everything the world has to offer, experiencing the good and the bad. We have to journey to the unknown, get lost in those concrete jungles we call cities, climb those piles of rock that we call mountains, and get bitten by tiny bloodsuckers in an untamed garden. Our brilliant blue planet has so much to offer, and it’s up to each person to make the most out of our lives on it.

For my part, I decided where my next adventure will be. I will be going on an Interstude road trip to a renowned place, where people turn lobster-red in the sun, and where the laughter of scantily clad women blends into the lullaby of the waves and the buzz of a boisterous city. Miami, Florida, here I come!

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We are a crew of young people believing that Montreal is the number place in the world for international students and we are bringing Interstude to the top. #onlachepas #toujoursplus Interstude is a startup that satisfies the social life of the International Youth in Montreal (exchange students, PVTistes, interns, new international students, language school students).

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