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The survival guide to New York City

The survival guide to New York City

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette

First time in NYC? and dying to know what to do and where to go? Check out our survival guide to New York City!

#Tips 1: Empire State Building or Top of the rock?

Definitely Top of the rock!
Why? First of all, you can have a view on the beautiful Empire State from the top of the rock and second of all the Empire State Building only allows you to go to the 86th floor instead of having access to all the floors like you can find at the Rockefeller Center. You can purchase your ticket online and schedule your visit for 25$.

#Tips 2 Free ferry to Staten Island or the ferry that goes to Liberty Island and Ellis Island? 

If this is your first time in New York then take the free ferry, but be aware that this ferry doesn't stop on the Liberty Island. You will just pass by the Statue of liberty (enough time to take pictures). The free ferry goes to Staten Island it works every day like the subway from early morning until late at night.
Despite that, if you still want to take the other ferry you have to know that the ticket price is only 18$. You can buy it online but be sure to buy it in the right company some others increase the price if you find it more than 18$ that means it is a reseller. 

#Tips 3  Central park walk or bike?

Central Park is New York biggest park we recommend you (if you have time) to rent a bike, Groupon make some great deals about it, like 10$ for 2 hours.
But if you're on a schedule, you can try to visit a part of it by walk.

#Tips 4 Shopping: Designer's store or Department stores?

Department stores of course! Cause you will find a lot of designer's clothes for half the price. Here's a good one: Century 21 
This huge store is just in front of Ground Zero on Wall Street so let's do both!

#Tips 5 How to go: By myself or with a specialized company?

First time in New York can be a little tough, everything is huge, difficulties to access to a club without a promoter, a complicated subway map and so many attractions to see, so many things to do and you won't know where to start or where to go, how to meet people? So why don't you let others worry about it for your first time? Pack your things, worry only about your luggage and come with us to discover NYC The Interstude Way!!  You definitely won't regret it! Cause by choosing to travel with Interstude you choose AMAZINGNESS! More info: New York with Interstude


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