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7 Cheap Spring Break Trips for International Students of Montreal

7 Cheap Spring Break Trips for International Students of Montreal

Authored By Giulia Iop

We love Montréal, but let’s be honest, sometimes the snow can be a bit much and we need a sunshine and heat and sand and salty ocean waves and ice cold beer. Thankfully, with airlines like Yulair or Sunwing, there are plenty of cheap Spring Break trips from Montréal to choose from. Of course, you can also opt to take a bus or carpool with friends. Once you’re in destination, stay in a hostel, couchsurf, share an apartment rental or sneak a bunch of people into a hotel room for one crazy and massive sleepover.

Here are some fun and cheap Spring Break trips from Montréal.

Havana, Cuba

Resort vacations are easy, but it is generally cheaper to fly to Havana and stay in a posada. You can always take a bus or share a taxi to Varadero when you are in need of beach time. Don’t forget to pick up some hand-rolled cigars!

interstude spring break

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Stay in a hostel near the beach and spend your days sipping Corona and lime, eating street tacos, relaxing on the beach, and partying in the clubs at night. If you have time, take a boat out to Cozumel.

Miami, Florida

In Miami, South Beach is the place to go for spring break. Stay at The Clay Hostel, and hit up clubs along Miami Beach that offer FREE drinks until 11 pm. You may want to write the name of your hostel on your hand with permanent marker before going out; in case you’re too drunk to remember at the end of the night.

Daytona Beach, Florida

If you love adventure, visit our friends at Busbud and book a roundtrip bus ticket from Montréal to Daytona Beach for under $325 CAD, find a host on Couchsurfing, and spend the week in a drunken stupor – or collecting seashells. Easily one of the craziest spring break destinations in North America.

Chicago, Illinois

Looking for something different to do over spring break? Join Interstude’s trip to Chicago! There will be plenty of good times, new experiences – and possibly some deep dish pizza (Yum!).

New York, New York

Thanks to MegaBus, travelling to New York from Montréal (via Toronto) is quite cheap. Book a hostel bed, eat greasy street food, and explore the sites! Or join an Interstude trip to New York!

Costa Rica

Catch a cheap flight to Liberia, Costa Rica, hop on a bus and head the beach (or up to the mountains). Costa Rica is hot, offers plenty of cheap places to sleep, and has delicious and affordable street food. You should definitely visit a sloth rescue centre too.


Instead of booking a flight to a sunny destination, stay home, discover a new neighbourhood, visit a different club every night or get yourself some Netflix and chill. There is always something interesting to do in Montréal.

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