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Your To-Do list to kick off your student exchange!

Your To-Do list to kick off your student exchange!

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette

We understand that arriving in a new city, country or even continent can be overwhelming and at first, you'll probably won't know where to go or what to do. Don't panic! We got you a list of 25 "Montreal's To-Do" to start your exchange session on the right foot! 

1.Dance with locals at the Piknic Électronik! 

Piknic Électronik every Sunday from May 22nd to October 2nd between 2h PM and 9h30 PM at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

2. Explore the Royal Island of Montreal with InterStude!

Interstude invites all the international students to "Welcome to the Royal Island" a 3-Days tour from August 19th to 21st, with a different neighborhood every day and a night-out after every visit. It's the perfect opportunity to meet new people and get to know the city!

3. Go to the OUMF Festival

The OUMF Festival is all about having fun with a variety of activities (street art, comedy, sports, music, etc.) from September 7th to 10th. 


4. Jump into Paradise at the Chutes Monte-à-Peine!

Don't let the heat defeat you on these summer days and join Interstude on their one-day trip "Jump in Paradise" on Saturday, August 20th. 

5. Watch a movie under the stars!

Don't waste a beautiful summer night staying in to watch a movie. Go outside and enjoy a free movie under the stars every Tuesday at 9h PM from June 14th to September 6th. 

6. Discover new music artists at POP Montreal!

POP Montreal is the perfect occasion to discover new emerging artists and the indie music industry from September 21st to 25th. 

8. Get crazy on the dancefloor at Café Campus!

Café Campus is a well-known place for international students on Tuesday nights with a great deal on the pitcher. Don't miss it to get loose!

9. Visit the National Capital, Quebec City!

Visit Quebec City on Saturday, August 27th for a day and discover the main attractions of the National Capital along with international students and the Interstude's Dream Team (funny challenges included ;). 

10. Don't stop there! Go to Ottawa!

Keep some energy for the very next day trip to Ottawa! Our animator will challenge you through the capital and show you all the interesting places. 

11. Eat a poutine at La Banquise restaurant

It's a must even for locals! No surprise it is a 24 hours restaurant, they serve the best poutine in town! Don't miss a visit at La Banquise

12. Think Big during Labor Day!

Take the long weekend off to visit NYC with the best of animators and international student from Montreal. You will visit the epic attractions of the Big Apple and will have so much fun the only thing you'll want to do coming back home is to sleep, guarantee! 

13. Shake it off at Les Foufounes Électriques!

Just as le Café Campus, this bar is well-known by the student's crowd, especially on Fridays (2.50$ special). Les Foufounes Électriques will know how to make you move and memorable night out! 

14. Got style?

Montreal has an important fashion industry well-known in North America. Therefore, there's no surprise it is celebrated during the Festival Mode et Design from August 15th to 20th. 

15. Pretend you're a Ivy League student for a day!

Every student's dream is a Havard, Yale or Brown student. Well, we might not grant you a scholarship in one of those universities but you'll visit Boston just as if you were one of them, students! Check it out here!

16. Indulge in a Montreal bagel.

Frenchies have a croissant, Italians have gelato, well... We got nothing less than bagels (the best ones!). Try the ones from Fairmount Bagel or St-Viateur Bagel, they're among the best...no jokes!

17. Take a selfie over Montreal at the Belvedere Kondiaronk.

It's a must for anyone visiting Montreal and the Mount-Royal park! You'll have one of the best views over the downtown core also, take a moment to visit the Chalet du Mont-Royal built in 1932. 

18. Get the clubbing feeling on Crescent street.

You can easily do a "club crawl" on Crescent St. with all the different bars and clubs located in that part of downtown. 

19. Go on the Amazing Race!

Just like the TV show, take an amazing journey into not one, two but three different cities for a weekend! Crazy, we know but not impossible and Interstude's Dream Team will show you how with The Amazing Race (September 23rd to 26th).

20. Ride around Montreal with Bixi.

Affordable and easy-to-use, Bixis are Montreal's public bike rental system that allows you to ride a bike for a few hours or even get a pass for the entire season.

21. Feast on a delicious Smoked meat Sandwich from Schwartz's.

Definitely worth the line-up (no matter when you'll go there's always one!) to savor Schwartz's famous smoked meat sandwich (cheap and tasty!). 

22. Rise the adrenaline with MTL Zipline!

Get ready to fly like a bird... or almost! The MTL Zipline located in the Old Port of Montreal is a unique attraction open every day from May 17th to October 31st. 

23. Visit the undergrounds 

Montreal's undergrounds are very practical in case of rain or snow storm (very common over here) as they give you access to almost all the downtown core and most of the shops (Eaton Center). Don't worry about getting lost, it's all good ;)

24. Don't skip the line!

Be careful to respect the line while waiting for the bus. You might be surprised the first time you'll have to take the bus but you'll get used to it. 

25. Read this and be prepared!


The trip you DO NOT want to miss out: Californication (October 29th to Novembre 6h)

The Montreal to California Student trip of this semester! The Dream Team will take you to the most exciting and interesting places to visit in California, such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and much more! Hurry up to book your place, they'll go away fast. 





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