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Top 10 Montreal Deals

Top 10 Montreal Deals

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette

Exchange students, Interns, or young professionals, we all agree to say that we LOVE Montreal, but we are not as rich as Croesus. And you know you'll like Montreal even better if you could spend less while still making the most of your stay here.

So we found for you the 10 best Montreal deals!

1/ Dollar cinema 

You always have second thoughts before deciding to go to the cinema? Believe it or not, it is possible to go watch a movie in Montreal without eating pasta the whole previous week. Dollar cinema is different from other movie theaters that usually ask you to pay your ticket 12 to 15$. There, they aim to provide you with affordable entertainment, so the admission is at $2.50 and all snacks at $1.00!.

2/ Free dance lessons

You wanna have fun and meet new people while learning a new dance or improving your skills? BUT you can’t afford high prices of common dance lessons in Montreal? We have a few addresses where dancing for FREE is possible!

- Salsa and Samba at the 649 club,

- Swing every Tuesday at the Petit Medley,

- Yoga with Lululelon athletica.

3/ Girls eat for FREE

Again, I guess you won’t believe it before experiencing, but IT DOES EXIST IN MONTREAL. Girls can eat for FREE and we all agree on the fact that it tastes better when it’s FREE right?
You're often asked to buy at least a drink to get the deal but it depends on the place. Here are the ones we found especially for you: enjoy your meal girls!

- L’Assomoir on Bernard/St-Urbain: Every last Wednesday, it offers girls to eat for free (condition: enter the magic word on their website before coming)

- L’Appartement on Wilson/McGill College: every Wednesday night, Free meals for ladies    (condition: buy 2 drinks)

Pizzeria Romeo: Every Sunday night, the Juliettes can eat for FREE. (condition: But a drink) 

4/ Picnik Electronik for 10$ only

Did you know you could attend the Picnik Elektronik for only 10 bucks? Go before 3pm and you will get 5$ discount at the entrance! Isn’t it an interesting DEAL that too few people know? For more information about it click HERE.

5/ Hairdressing and beauty schools

Again, compared to European countries where hairdressers and beauty salons are affordable, it seems very expensive in Montreal to take care of yourself. But you can still take advantage of schools that offer very interesting prices. For example, Tornade is a hairdressing school: there, you can choose between a professional or a student and enjoy a low-cost new haircut.

6/ Free furniture on Craigslist or Kijiji

Maybe you never thought about it! But don’t be shy or shameful to search for FREE objects or furniture on those very useful and well-known websites. Kijiji is the most popular in Canada and ads change every day. Don’t worry, there is something for everyone!

7/ Indoor/Outdoor free swimming pools

As European people, we are not used to freeing public services. So you may be surprised to see that most public swimming pools are free in Montreal. You can find a list of the free indoor and outdoor swimming pools of the city HERE.


You might know Groupon as it is an international website, so feel free to register to get great deals. Maybe not a lot of you also know MTLARABAIS : it is a « smaller »  website but a more specific one. So try it on, you have nothing to lose!

free every night from 6 pm to 9 pm during summer. You have no more excuses to not miss this very popular attraction!

9/ Free entrance to the Botanic Garden

You’d like to visit the Botanic Garden but not sure to like it? Don't hesitate anymore, it’s

10/ Free museum nights

The Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montreal (MACM) welcomes you for FREE every Wednesday night from 5 to 9 pm. Don't miss out on this chance to visit this amazing private museum! You can also check out this article listing 9 other museums in town offering free entrance.


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