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French People In Montreal : 10 Stereotypes

French People In Montreal : 10 Stereotypes

Authored By Aileen Saberon

1) They smoke

What would a french dude be withtout a cigarette ? We all noticed, french in Montreal are the only genius to still smoke in January when it's -35° outside. They're so attached to their parisian habits that they don't even see their fingers freezing or the stupid look it gaves them. At least they have style!

2) They live on the plateau

The French have took over the plateau for the past decades, and it is quite rare to even hear the quebecer accent in its streets. Luckily, our french pals still have humour, like the previous video shows.

3) They're cliquey

French people arriving in Montreal will automaticaly search for their expatriate fellows like a wolf without its pack. French people love to complain about their siblings when they're home, but, once they cross the Ocean, they desperately seek for them, and stick together till the end. How weird, right ?

4) They cross wherever they want

When most quebecers are very attached to the highway code, french are more likely to cross over streets like they're a huge desert. But it's not all : when the brave local policemen tell them not to, the french fuminate and get crazy about paying an amend. After all, they're french, so why should they respect the rules anyway?

5) They don't line up for the bus

French people see queues for the bus like a huge joke. But how can it be taken seriously when you see the mess it takes to just get in some bus in France.

6) They don't say hi

Compared to the amazing and warm Quebecer welcoming, french people are still quite rude. Saying hello is not one of their most known qualities. Even more, french people don't even greet between themselves. It's a little like smiles, welcoming and niceness against haughty looks, bareness and rudeness.

7) They can't get enough of their precious baguette

The french baguette is like canadian hockey : vital. This is why french people are happy to pay their baguette double price in Quebec. But it's cool, how can we blame them for wanting to get landmarks.

8) French people don't get quebecer language

It is moving to see how french people are amazed by quebecer's accent. They don't understand it nor speak it, at least at first, but they are all fascinated about all the "chums", "à date", "à matin" and others "christ". Some love it, some find it irritating, but nobody's indifferent! Proof is point 9.

9) BUT They try to speak like natives

French people love to try speaking like a pure quebecer, but it is fairlynot always a success. Indeed, they'll never pronounce "AAASTIE" or "TABARNAKK" perfectly. Too shy, they will go for a quiet "ostie" ou a weak "tabarnacle"... And make the proud quebecers laugh about them.

10) They are never happy

French people complain a lot, that's a common fact. They complain at home, abroad, everywhere! They sure know how to never be satisfied. They're always looking for more, but even more is not enough.
French friends, don't blame us. We still love you, and those are the little things that, at the end, build the legendary french class! Well, it is at least a great way to identify y'all. 

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