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Best Date Night Ideas: Where to go in Montreal

Best Date Night Ideas: Where to go in Montreal

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette

Here are our best date night ideas and romantic things to do in Montreal. Because Montreal is the city of lovers, you will find a lot of seductive activities. So, if you are only traveling and staying for a short term in Montreal, or even if you've lived here your entire life, check it out!

Have a romantic Picnic Dinner from the Triple Crown Dinette

Located in the heart of Little Italy, the Triple Crown Dinette offers custom Picnic baskets for outdoorsy couples. Extremely romantic and great for foodies and date night lovers! (only during summer)

Try a Romantic Restaurant

Yes, restaurants are too mainstream. But Montreal has incredible and yet not well-known places. Here are our favorites.
1. Atame Restaurant Aphrodisiaque
2.Bouillon Bilk
3. Le Serpent Restaurant
4. Barbounya
5. Santropol

Enjoy a day at the Spa – Bota Bota

It’s a boat and a spa at the very same time! The view, the design, and the concept make it a great activity for couples. It’s like being in a bubble. If you are on a budget they offer cheaper packages at $35 per person. Take the packages starting at 7:00 PM to have a perfect date night idea. More info on their website.

Take a Tango Lesson

Did you know Montreal is tango-crazy? (Why would you?) The city even has an annual Tango Festival that features the world's best practitioners of this sexy dance. Regardless of when you visit, though, Montreal's tango parlors are always open, offering classes for couples date night and milonga demonstrations for appreciative spectators.

Cruise the St. Lawrence River in a Bateau-Mouche

One of the best date night ideas: enjoy a magical view of the Old Port as you cruise along in a glass-covered bateau-mouche with Bateau-Mouche Montreal. Dinner cruises featuring live entertainment are offered weekly; be sure to raise a glass of champagne for a toast on the splendid open-air terrace.

Love statue Montreal

One version of Robert Indiana's Love sculpture is located in the Old Montreal in front of LHotel (262 St Jacques West). The love statue of Montreal is known to be a good date night idea: couples often go there to take pictures and celebrate their love.

Watch a sexy movie at “Cinema l’Amour”

The Cinema l’Amour has a large collection of sexy movies. Yes, some are porn! However, there are also some lovely vintage erotic movies. We highly recommend you to try it out. Be ready to encounter many colorful characters at the theatre! This is a great date night idea for couples who are looking for something a bit wilder.

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