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Discover Montreal

13 Montreal Photos | Your Choice to Study Here will be Crystal Clear

13 Montreal Photos | Your Choice to Study Here will be Crystal Clear

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette

Forget the words, what a better way to sell you on coming to Montreal other than showing you?! Here are our favorite shots of Montreal - be sure to check out the photographer's pages as we are sure they've also got some great tips! 

1. Osheaga - One of Canada's Most Legendary Events! 

Photo Credit: Anirudh Koul

2. Festivals and Carnivals are always held in Montreal!

Photo Credit: Nadia Not Included

3. Take a little Stroll through the Woods in Montreal

Photo Credit: Stephane Venne

4. Incredible Parks to Relax In

 Photo Credit: Pascal

5.  Find the Expo 67 Nicknamed "Man and his World" - people actually lived in here!


Photo Credit: zJMac

6. View the Beautiful Skyline of Montreal by Night 

Photo Credit: Life in Montreal  Clement Belleudy

7.  Explore the Natural


Photo Credit: Vladimir Naumoff

8. Watch the Sunset at Mount-Royal 


9. Eat some Scrumptious and Typical Poutine


Photo Credit: Bruno Houssier

10. Canoe Along the Saint Lawrence River 

Photo Credit: HollArch

11. Eat at Schwartz's for a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich 


Photo Credit: Frodneser

12. Take a Stroll Around the Harbour 

Photo Credit: BLNordik 

13. Shopping in the Old City 

Photo Credit: Ransom Tech

Join along on the fun with Interstude as we explore some of the most amazing Montreal hot spots and surrounding areas. 

What else do you think would convince international students to come down for a visit?!

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