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10 Reasons So Many French People Come to Montreal

10 Reasons So Many French People Come to Montreal

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette

Whether it's a real 'thing' or we've just been scouting a lot of French people in the Montreal area, there is a serious influx in French tourists and we wanted to find out WHY?! 

Of course there is the obvious reason of why not? Montreal is a great spot for tourists so perhaps we were just acting narrow minded when it came to suggesting Montreal is the place for French people. However, they are still here and we wanted to figure out why that was. So here you have it, a fully researched list of 10 reasons why French people choose to travel to Montreal. 

1. There is no Real Language Barrier 

Of course you can expect quite a difference in the French being spoken, but the nice thing about travel throughout Quebec is that you can still speak to each other on a conversational level. No worries about being put into an awkward situation where you have no clue what is going on around you, you will always be able to pick up most of the words fairly easily. 

2. Making the Comparisons are Fun!

There is just something about hearing the two types of French being spoken next to each other. There are some very unique comparisons and also some very wild differences among Canadian French speakers and international French speakers.  


3. To Learn How to Speak French like a 'Quecbecker' 

Travelling there is only half the fun. It's always a neat opportunity to pick up languages while abroad. How about learning your language but in the style of a real 'Quebecker'? Ignore the stereotypes, get out there and experience it for yourself. 

4. Quebec and France share close ties 

From history to today's society, there are a lot of ways that Quebec and France share close ties. Both politically and socially, this is an easy place to visit and an amazing place to stay. 

5. More Employment Opportunities 

Can't find work in France? Why not come to Montreal? It's a beautiful city and is surrounded by native French speakers which also allows you to obtain a job much faster than someone who speaks only English. 

6. To Learn the 'King's French' in the most Purest Form 

Much like us English speakers compare modern English to Shakespeare English, Quebec French is the historic 'King's French.' Quebec has not been able to integrate French nearly as fast as France has and thus kept close ties with the historical French language. 

7. To see how the other French People of this World Eat 

Well, we can surely tell you that 'Quebeckers' don't sit around eating baguettes and drinking red wine all day. A little more poutine and beaver tails in the diet is sure to do the trick! 

8. To have a Home Away from Home 

French architecture is french architecture, stunning in all its glory! The incredible part about Montreal is that the quaint little cobblestone roads and cafes lining the sidewalks will make you feel like your back in Paris again. A humble abode and a home away from home. 

9. To Study in the Same Language Half Way Across the World 

This is where we come in handy, Interstude is here to help international students adjust to their new world in Canada and start you off having a wicked awesome time! Whether you speak English or French, Montreal is an incredible place to study. 

10. Why Not?! Montreal is Beautiful! 

You could be reading this thinking 'well I'm French and I haven't been to Montreal yet,' we're not saying it's a bad thing, we are just suggesting maybe you come along for the ride? Check us out at www.interstude.com to find out about more exciting events that we hold for the young and the young at heart! 

For more awesome Montreal blogs, don't forget to check out our awesome Montreal Tips Page for those just starting out! 

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