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The best attractions of La Ronde park in Montreal

The best attractions of La Ronde park in Montreal

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette


Its Opening is scheduled for May 24 , discover the 6 must-see attractions:

1.  THE BIG WHEEL A classic, it will bring you to 45 meters high to admire peacefully a breathtaking view of Montreal .

2. VOL ULTIME In the category thrills : Passengers can fly up to 55 meters above the park.

3 . LE GOLIATH The new Iron Giant  of La Ronde has more than 53 meters high , surpassing the Monster 13 meters and 21 meters Vampire ! 

4. LE VAMPIRE The Vampire is one of the most important arena of La Ronde. These coasters stretching almost a kilometer climb up to 32 meters. Flying at 80.5 km / h and at a rate of 1,400 people per hour , it defies the laws of gravity forces facing up to 4 G ( four times their weight).

5. DISCO RONDE An alternative to Café Campus on Tuesday evening, come stun, rotate and twirl to the sound of disco hits at Disco Ronde.

6. THE LARGE CAROUSEL You can not leave without having a ride in the big carousel: this is undoubtedly the traditional and romantic of all the most authentic carousel. 









A top tip: $ 15 off a ticket one day buying a menu in Subway (presenting the glass at the entrance of the park)

Let's go! 

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