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12 Things to Make the Most of Your Exchange Students Experience. #studyabroad

12 Things to Make the Most of Your Exchange Students Experience. #studyabroad

Authored By Aileen Saberon

Doing an Erasmus or studying abroad can be a real rollercoaster of emotions but it will surely change your life. Here how to make the most of your erasmus or studies abroad.

1. Before going on exchange, get inspired by following those website

World of Wonderlost - THE travel blog to follow for real-time travel updates around the world.
Skift - The Bloomberg of travel
Rome2rio - Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile
Viator - Travel with an insider
Exchange Your Life - The only media blogging platform for university exchange students worldwide.

2. Don’t stay with people of your own country

French, Germans, Spanish tends all to do that. It stop you from opening yourself to others and fully live this experience. Yes it allows you to stay in a comfort zone but it does make you grow and discover things. Finding the strength to go by yourself go see others, that will change your experience. Just tell yourself that everyone is in the same situation.

3. Learn the language or slang

Learn a bit of the language or slangs. Do the best you can even if you know you will never learn it fully. Its gonna be part of your memories all your life.

4. Find the best international roomates

People who you'll stay with during your semester abroad will surely be your second familly. To find the perfect roomates use switcharound, smoovup, free classified add website like craigslist, exchange students facebook groups or easyroomate.

5. Hook up with a local

This is the best way to fully understand the culture. It open your eyes on so much things. Getting to know the real life style. Family diners will change you, you'll start to have a second nationality.

6. Be a picture whore

You probably knew it but you need to remember this all the time. Be a real chinese and take thousands of pictures and videos. You’ll be so glad one day that you have all these footage of the best time of your life. Even if its not great quality, it doesn't matter.

7. Follow the exchange student organizations on trips and parties

If its ESN, companies, students associations or any other organizations, make the most of what they have to offer. It really change your experience abroad. We put all the one we know on a map here.

8. Use all the mobile apps you can

Mobile apps are perfect tools to help you meet people or help you walk into the unknown. Here's the apps we suggest you to use.

Meetups: Tinder, Airzolo, Tripit, ExchangeYourLife upcoming new app ;)

Show your experience to people back home:  Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Skype, Life 360

Walk into the unknown: Google map, Google Translate, Yelp, Field Trip, Uber

9. Eat, eat, eat all the local food

Yes you will gain some fat. It's ok you’ll lose it later. Food is culture, eat it.

10. Rent a car and go on a road trip with your new international friends

It's a completely different travel experience than going on a group organize trip. It's worth the experience. You should defenitely use roadtrippers.com, it will point you out what you should see along the way to your destination.

11. Spend all your money

Explore, Dream, Discover. Don't be scared to spend all your money. It's worth all of it. It's an investment with a positive ROI that will pay back later in your life. You know what we say “Travel is the only thing you buy that make you richer".

To travel for cheap: Use Fligth Fox to book your trips, stay in a airbnb or couchsurfing or look for a cheap hostel on hostelworld and search for the free walking tours or book your sightseeing with Viator.

10. Make sign, by all your erasmus friends, a flag from your exchange country

Buy a flag of your exchange country and have it dedicace by as much people as possible. Its the best souvenir ever to hang on your room's wall next to all your best pictures ;).

12. Do a souvenir video or write an article about your experience

There’s simple programs to do a souvenir video of your pictures and videos. Muvee, Picasa, Moviemaker, Youtube video editor, Prezi, ... For more ideas on how to record the best time of your life check this kick-ass article on weird and wonderful ways to record your time abroad.

Your time is NOW! Make the most of it. Use the hashtag #exchangeyourlife to share your experience.

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