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10 Reasons Why Montréal Kicks Paris’ Ass to Become the #1 City in the World for Students

10 Reasons Why Montréal Kicks Paris’ Ass to Become the #1 City in the World for Students

Authored By Jean-Francois Brouillette
The news has broken, Montréal has been ranked as the number one city in the world for students. Climbing six places over last year, Montréal beats out our beautiful sister city, Paris, and we couldn’t be happier. Of course, we have always known that Montréal kicks Paris's ass when it comes to being the best destination for students. After all, Montréal is the most exciting city in Canada - and will surely take over the world soon, right?!

Here are 10 reasons why we rule supreme over Paris:

1. Paris has La Seine river… Montréal has the Fleuve Saint-Laurent with a canal where we can practice surf!

2. Montréal is celebrating its 375th anniversary, which means there are even more festivals, parties, and events to keep your social calendar full.

3. Paris has the best croissants… Montréal has the best bagels!via GIPHY  

4. Everyone falls in love with Montréal. This video is proof. HHere it is in French.

5. Paris has brie and camembert... in Montreal, we have the best cheese... poutine cheese curds! (let's be honest, even Frenchies in Montreal love our poutine cheese!) via GIPHY

6. Montréal has 4 universities, included the top university in Canada, McGill. This means there are upwards of 250K students in the city! 

7. Paris has Franck Dubosc… Montréal has Stéphane Rousseau

8. Montreal has the best of all worlds... European touch in Old Montreal, Asian flavours in Chinatown, business district in downtown and hipster feeling in The Plateau!

9. Paris has Ligue MagnusMontréal has the Canadiens (easily one of the best hockey teams in the world!) via GIPHY

10. Montréal has the best student travel agencies (we know how to party harder and longer).

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