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7 Beaches in California You Absolutely need to see!

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Road tripping along California has become one of the most popular destinations for students – or actually, anyone – in North America. The Golden State offers activities and discoveries to please anyone, from the greatest naturalist to the biggest party-animal. Among these, Californian beaches are definitely at the top of the list. Often ranked as some of the best in the worlds – in terms of natural environment and activities offered – here are 7 of them, which you should definitely visit – whether you’re planning to travel there or not yet ( 😉 )

1. Baker Beach (San Francisco)

Baker Beach has actually become a national landmark, providing access to an incredible outside-the-gate view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. Preferred activities here: sunbathing and barbecuing, not as much swimming (due to unpredictable rip currents). Experience San Francisco and the Baker Beach on our Californication trip (May 5-14)

2. El Matador (Malibu)

This is one of the most spectacular shoreline along the Malibu coast, and favorite destination of both photographers or more generally whoever wants to escape the hustle of the city. It offers long stretches of white sands, towering cliffs , craggy rocks formation and sea stack – a must-do for all the nature-lovers (or not!)

3. Venice Beach (Los Angeles)

For the ones more into party and doing activities, Venice Beach is definitely a must! As one of the largest LA’s beaches, and a world’s famous surf spot, it has become the favorite hangout spot for the creative minds. Don’t miss the unique Ocean Front Walk with philosophizing artists, trash-talking hoopsters, preening weightlifters, barefoot sand sculptors and more. Experience Venice Beach on our Californication trip (May 5-14)

4. Santa Monica (Los Angeles)

Similarly to Venice Beach, the attractions offered by the Santa Monica beach and resorts are endless. Here the beach meets the boardwalk in a festive display of amusement park rides, aquarium wonders and festival food. Even if you don’t go for thrill rides, there’s no charge for the show-stopping sunset ;). Experience Santa Monica on our Californication trip (May 5-14)

5. Gold Bluffs Beach (Prairie Creek Redwoods state park)

Part of the Prairie Creek Redwoods national park, this beach represents a spectacular place to explore sea life and sand dunes along the famous Californian Coastal Trail (10 miles). For the more naturalists among you, the wildlife here is flourishing: western snowy plovers, great blue herons, peregrine falcons, seals, sea lions and sometimes even whales!

6. Coronado Beach (San Diego)

It is the quintessential San Diego postcard experience – as romantic escape or fun-filled beach vacation. It is often ranked among the best beaches of the state thanks to its golden sands with mineral mica. The only way to have the best view of San Diego! Experience San Diego on our Californication trip (May 5-14)

7. La Jolla Black Beach (San Diego)

Considered one of the most breath-taking beaches of California, it is literally THE place that pleases everyone – thanks to its unique sands, cliffs and coves. It is rather isolated from the rest; you can access it by walking from the shores or descending the rough cliff path from above. But remember, the Northern part of the beach is clothes-optional…


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