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Harvard Groupies – Boston
 June 17th 2017

New York City Trip  
June 30th  2017-  July 2nd 2017

The Capital – Ottawa
July 1st 2017

Jump in Paradise
July 15th 2017

 July 21st – 29th 2017

Jump in Paradise
 August 13th 2017


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How to Survive St. Patrick’s Celebrations in North America

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5 Jeux à essayer avec tes amis lors de la Nuit Blanche à Montréal

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7 Beaches in California You Absolutely need to see!

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When I arrived to Canada, I didn’t know what to expect, what I will gain in this four months of exchange. But now I can say that I had the…

Born into the world

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I never realized how big the world I was born into was until I set foot outside, and came to the glorious city of Montreal. What would be a better…

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Previous Clients

William / Mika

Belgium / Sweden

We met during an HEC Montreal exchange students parties but our relation started slowly during the Interstude Cuba trip during the fall break and now we are still together 2 years after our exchange in Montreal :).

Tiphaine / Marie / Julie


We met during an Interstude’s trip and we became friends best friends from that point. We then motivate ourself to relive the Interstude experience again and again.

Paula / Phoebe

Uruguay / United Kingdom

Interstude brings people together for life. Even people from countries you never visited. We met at an Interstude New York trip and from that point we lived together every experience of our exchange in Montreal.



I did the Californication trip with Interstude and all the parties. The Dream Team are awesome. Thank You guys again for giving me the best memories of my stay in Montreal.