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  MANAGED by JF BROU, Entrepreneur & Author

🚀 Founder of InterStude, a bus tour operator, 2011  

🚀 Founder of the Rep Your Flag Festival, 2013  

​🚀 Advising young entrepreneurs with coaching & workshops, 2017 

🚀 Author of Exchange Your Life & Become Your Best Version 


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Daniel Mejia; Co-Founder


"We hired Jf as a Marketing Consultant, he deeply helped to launch our 2nd building that went sold out in the first week. He has world-class skills in Web Marketing, the millennial market, and the remote work world. He's a very impressive young entrepreneur always looking to surpass himself."


Since I’ve finished my bachelor’s degree in 2011, I’ve dedicated 100% of my life to InterStude and my dream to help Montreal by making it the best destination to do an exchange abroad. InterStude is an organization satisfying the social life of young international students staying temporarily in Montreal offering bus trips, cultural events, parties, and community infrastructure and educative content. What also gave birth to InterStude is my desire to live out of the 9 to 5 corporate lifestyle. I wanted to live another Erasmus experience over and over again while connecting with like-minded people from all around the world while enriching my life with meaningful travel experiences. Building a community in this niche was the best way I found to support this vision. With zero professional experience, this organization poured on me a lot of challenges. But looking back, the first 3 years of the journey were the most blissful time of my life. I was traveling every weekend, leading the tours, pushing the creative boundaries on creating new and unique trips, meeting thousands of global citizens and connecting with so many people at a deeper level. Over the years, we traveled with more than 15000 international students through more than 300 buses traveling around 25 North America destinations. But I didn’t reach that success alone. InterStude came a long way over the years with the help of more than 100 volunteers, freelancers, tour leaders, and interns. What started from a simple desire to travel and perpetuate the life-changing exchange I had in Milan, InterStude evolved and grew to promote a lifestyle a lot of young people wanted to connect with. This niche community, combined with good branding of coolness factor, made several people want to be part of this experience of bringing InterStude to the top. It was roller-coaster journey but every piece of it was worth it, even if many times it drove me crazy that I just wanted to quit. I realized that the journey itself was happiness with all its imperfections - traveling in groups, discovering all those new cities, changing the lives of thousands of international students, growing personally and spiritually, living with all those deep roller coaster emotions, connecting deeply with some fellow coworkers, learning so much about the business world, myself, and the universe. All of it was priceless. Like it was discovered through a Harvard study involving 5000 people from different backgrounds and society levels, 3 things are making people happy: living in a community, close relationship with deep communication with our core family, and lastly strong life partner relation.  

200 students per semester

500+ reviews of happy exchange students...

Giulia Ladisa; Italy 

"This is the best way to experience Canada and north America with a small budget and meeting a lot of international people! I have been on several trips with interstude and each have been a fantastic experience! My favourite was with no doubt the Californication: 10 amazing days between San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas that I will never forget! We were able to do a lot of sightseeing activities during the day and to party at night! I truly recommend to do at least a trip with interstude, you will fall in love like I did!"

David Wolf; Germany

"Great trip to Boston! The organizers were very caring and supportive, our group was awesome with people from many different countries, the activities in Boston were awesome! I couldn’t be happier with my experience! Thank you Interstude for making this possible and to all the great people who joined the tour!!!"

Jacopo P. Italy

"Interstude is Great! The animators are super funny and they're very flexible about what you would like to do, for instance: they propose a program to be followed but if you prefer doing something else it's totally Ok! I totally recommend it! :D"

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Lifetime friendships with like-minded people

Meet hundreds of exchange students from around the world all wanted to live the time of their life.

​Bus Trips in 25+ North American destinations

For all budgets, we offer one day trips, weekend trips and one week trips in all the main cities.

​Gatherings and Cultural Events in Montreal

We are making sure to give back to the community with cheap party gathering and cultural experiences.

For exchange students

Fall 2019 Calendar:

- September 7th // Quebec City 1 days  

 - September 8th // Ottawa 1 days  

- September 7th // Exchange Students Welcome Party  

- September 13th // Planetarium  

- September 14th // Boston 1.5 days  

- September 19-22th // New York 3.5 days  

- September 27-1st // Chicago 4.5 days  

- October 4th // Botanical Garden  

- October 5th // Mont-Tremblant 1 days

- Oct. 26th - Nov. 3rd // California 9 days

- November 8th // Boston 1.5 days  

- November 15-17th // Washington 4 days  

- November 29th-1st // New York 3.5 days  

- December 22nd-1st // Miami + NYC 10 days